About us

Our Mission

Nedging Hall sits in the middle of the mixed farm land. The farm has been focused on reintroducing ancient woodland areas, hedgerows and ponds. The Suffolk Punch has been one of the passions of the family since arriving in Suffolk, we still have a brood mare and foal born in 2022 who oversee all going on’s on the Estate.

Our mission is to delight our customers with quality produce and experiences that have a positive sustainable and economic impact within the local environment.

The nature of our business means that there are significant social impacts so we make every possible effort to ensure that our impacts are always positive.


We invest to ensure that the only impact we have on the environment is a positive one.

  • 10,000 trees planted every year for four years (2020 – 2023)
  • 500m of hedgerows planted in both 2022 and 2023
  • Restoration of ponds and ancient woodland in Raydon Wood
  • 12 new ponds dug since 2019

Owl Ringing

The basic principle behind ringing any birds and this is a global project on many species of birds, is to give that individual bird a unique identification number, this is then registered on a database at the BTO and will remain on there for ever. Therefore should that particular bird ever be recovered again, either dead or alive, anyone can send details to the BTO and obtain a life history.

Obviously there is further data that can be gathered on a local basis. A picture can be built up from the ringing records of how that particular species is doing in that area or indeed across a wider range. The owls on the occasion had the oldest at around 49 days old (this can be assessed visually, but more accurately by measuring the developing wing primary feathers). They are weighed, sexed and ringed and then returned to the nest box, and record is kept of where and when observed.

Being an apex predator, owl populations are a good indicator of how that environment is being managed, and this works brilliantly with our environmental management of the estate. The wide grass margins around fields and planting of trees all give homes for mice and voles which are owls staple diet to flourish, and therefore the owls will benefit from this.

Currently the estate offers great owl territory, however, we need to do some work to establish more or better nesting opportunities for them, as of course without these the population can not expand. We intend to commence a five year project to establish 30 new nesting boxes and also enhance what is already on estate, which will really make a difference. Hopefully next year we can gain a significant increase on this years.

River Brett Restoration Project

45 physical features were created in Autumn 2021 along a 1.5 mile stretch of the River Brett, which flows through the Estate.

The features include re-meandering, creating slow and fast flow sections and developing flood plain areas. The various features will increase in-channel habitat diversity and improve river-floodplain connectivity.

The Estate has provided timber, carried out ground preparation, given access to land and co-ordinated with all the parties involved in the project. Great care was required to respect the existing vole population.

The 45 features were completed by a contractor engaged by the local Area of Natural Beauty in collaboration with the Environment Agency.

Closing the Circle

Barley grown on the Estate comes to the brewery for brewing and spent grains return to feed the Red Poll cattle on the estate.

Beer is sent to the pubs.

Red Poll cattle and the vegetable gardens on the Estate stock The Lindsey Rose and other pubs.

We always work with environmentally aware suppliers.